Our Services & Policies

Prices based on Stylist Level

Natural Services

~Corn Row Style       67+

~Corn Row Style w/ Hair added     80+

~Twist Out        77+

~Two Strand Twist       77+
~Flexi Rod Set              87+

~Bantu Knots              77+
~Two Strand Flat Twist   77+

~Flat Twist w/ Hair    87+

~Comb Twist   82+

~Starter Locs  100+`

~Re-Twist Locs  87+

~Loc Styles   30+

-Weave Services

Consultations are required for final pricing on all weave/wig services. 
Hair can be  Included for additional price.

~Weave: Sew-In (full)

Inc: Shampoo, Braid-down, Install and Style            200+

~Weave Maintenance                    90+

~Weave: Partial 

Inc: Shampoo, Braid-down, Install and Style       170+

~Quick Weave     125+

~Weave Take Out      35+

~Invisible Part       15+

~Sew-In (Per Track)    25+

~Bond (Per Track)    12+ 

~Track Re-Tightening (Per Track)    15+ 

~Custom Made Wigs, Lace Wigs & Hair Pieces

We can customize a wig or hair piece that will be the right size, color, style and length just for you. From a full wig, frontal or just a hair piece to cover a thinning spot...we can make it for you. 

Consultation Required

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